Giving away stuff in a way that feels good can be hard. Good Use makes it easy.

We all have stuff to give—time, talent, and things we no longer use. The Good Use app lets you find the right person or organization who truly needs and appreciates it.

Good Use is launching soon!

Giving a cactus to a couple
Giving a guitar to a child

Giving makes people happy

We all know giving is good, but giving feels good too. When you give, you help others, help the environment, and help yourself — all at the same time. You can only give things away at Good Use. No selling is allowed. Instead of trying to sell that thing for a few bucks, find a person or organization who could really use it and pass it on! You’ll feel great; they’ll feel great; and together you’ll increase the world’s happiness bit by little bit.

How Good Use Works

Step 1

List the thing you have to give

Something to give
Step 2

Find the person or organization who can put it to good use

Excited to receive
Step 3

Give your thing away. Do good and feel good, all at once

Showing gratitude

Who is Good Use?

Moving into a new place

Good Use is made by The Good Use Company. Learn a little more about us.

Organizations wanted

An organization volunteering at a soup kitchen

If you're a non-profit or school, learn how Good Use and organizations can work together.