Good Use Experience with Melanie C.

As an aspiring minimalist, I am always searching for opportunities to keep the energy and space in my home light and inviting. For me, this means maintaining clutter-free living spaces and recycling items I no longer use or enjoy whenever possible. After stumbling upon the free Good Use app, I was pleasantly surprised with how simple it was to give the household items I no longer find useful a second life, while simultaneously allowing me to free up valuable space in my home and benefiting others in my community.

Reasons Why I Love Good Use

There are numerous advantages to using the Good Use app to share your unwanted household items with individuals in your community or perusing it to find something you may need or want that others are willing to part with. The biggest perks I've found of utilizing Good Use to share and receive second-hand treasures include:

Helps Keep My Home Tidy

Knowing that there is a channel through which I can part with anything and everything that may be taking up space in my home has been a game-changer for me. I no longer feel the need to hold onto items that I don't use on a regular basis. Everything from clothing and shoes to kitchen items and sentimental pieces that don't hold the same emotional attachment that they once did is fair game to post to Good Use in my book. My hope for every item I post is that it might bring someone new the same joy it once brought me. 

Makes Downsizing a Breeze

Every few years, I like to purge my home of the excess pieces that do nothing more than take up space. This was always easier said than done. Clearing out the piles of clothing that I no longer wore but could never seem to part with always left me feeling overwhelmed and defeated. Then there was the burden of finding a location that would be happy to accept them or a person who would find them useful -- the whole endeavor wasn't just difficult, but time-consuming. Still, I strive to downsize my personal items from time to time to keep the energy and space in my home open and free. Good Use has made this chore a no-brainer. Gone are the days of stressing over where to bring my once-beloved shoes or worrying if my things would end up in the trash if I brought them to the wrong organization. The Good Use app has made finding new owners for my hardly-worn clothing convenient and effortless.

Allows Me to Connect With My Community

Good Use has become an unexpected way for me to connect with my neighbors and community as well, which I love. A friend once gave me a Starbucks bottle that was a bit smaller than the other ones that I use. I felt guilty giving away a gift that someone picked out specifically for me, but I also knew that it would do nothing but collect dust on my kitchen cabinet shelf. I decided to post it on Good Use to see if I could find it a happier home. The person who ended up picking it up from me collects Starbucks memorabilia. The guilt of parting with my friend's gift immediately melted away as I learned that someone else was so thrilled to take it off my hands and found it useful. It amazes me how one small item you might not think twice about can be valued so differently by someone else. Good Use has truly changed the way I think about everything I own. If I notice that I no longer use something as much as I should, I ask myself if someone else in the community might be glad to take it off my hands. 

Easy to Use 

Using the Good Use app couldn't be easier, and it has streamlined the entire process of getting rid of things I no longer use. I can quickly post items that I want to find a new home for, communicate with interested individuals about sharing those items, or browse the app to see what others might have that I would find useful. Even if I don't need anything in particular, it's fun to "window shop" and see what others in the community are posting. Recently, a co-worker casually mentioned to me that she was thinking about purchasing a second monitor for work. Because I had just recently scrolled the app, I knew someone close to me was giving one away. I quickly told her to hold off on buying anything because I might be able to get her one for free. I quickly messaged the person that had posted on Good Use and within a few minutes I had arranged a perfect give/need connection. Being the middle person in the exchange put an extra pep in my step for the rest of the day! From start to finish, each transaction is fast and simple.

Brings Me Joy

Overall, the Good Use app has brought me tremendous joy. Not only can I feel good about keeping my home tidy and clutter-free, but I can sleep peacefully knowing that my previous belongings are being appreciated by their new owners rather than being tossed in the trash or taking up space in my closet. Best of all, I love connecting with people in my community who I would otherwise never meet, hearing each of their unique stories and learning about why they're interested in the items I once loved. 

Good Use is for Everyone

If one thing reigns true about Good Use, it's that it's a free app that everyone can benefit from. Who doesn't have a few too many cups in their cupboard, shoes in their closet, or tools in their garage? It's a great way to clean out your closet and meet new faces without feeling guilty about letting your once beloved items go. If you could use more joy in your home and heart, Good Use is for you!