We’re creating a community of giving, and organizations like yours are an essential part.

Good Use is a community where no selling is allowed and everything must be given away. Because giving something to another who truly appreciates it and can use it produces a magical feeling like no other, and we believe creating more of that feeling will make the world a happier place. Organizations like yours are the key to make it happen.


Good Use helps you get the donations and skills you need to advance your mission.

As a non-profit, school, or charitable organization, you depend on the contributions of donors and volunteers. We want every donation you get to be something you really need (and not something you have to refuse or store). We want every volunteer who has skills you can use to find you, so you never miss out on their talents. And we want you to be known to every person who would passionately support you, even those you’ve never met before.

Get all the things you need, and none of the things you don’t.

Use Good Use to create a “wishlist” that tells your donors exactly what you need, and keep it up to date as your needs change. This ensures that every donation meets an actual need, saving you the burden of dealing with donations you can’t use but also can’t turn down for fear of offending donors.

Find volunteers with the skills you need, and let them find you.

There’s a lot of skill and talent in the world, but it’s not always applied where it’s needed most. Whether you need ongoing help or a particular skill for a special project, Good Use lets you communicate the skills you need to a community of people who have the talent to help and are eager to volunteer.

Be introduced to a wider community.

Good Use exposes you to a community of people who are inspired to give. Being introduced to you will inspire some to become great supporters of your cause. What’s more, we firmly believe that each person newly inspired to give helps every organization and person who is part of Good Use. So by being involved, you not only benefit from those newly inspired to support you, you inspire people to give to others as well.

Good Use is free for you, and it’s simple to get involved.


Step 1: Set up a profile

Include a basic description of your organization, contact information, and a profile picture. (We can help with this.)


Step 2: Create a wishlist

List all the things (physical things, skills, and volunteer time) that you could use to support your mission and that others might have available to give. (And if you have extra things you could give to other people or organizations, you can list those as well.)


Step 3: Promote your wishlist

You’ll automatically be shown to people in the Good Use community who have things to give, and you can promote your list to your donors as well.


Step 4: Respond to givers

When a match is made, the givers will contact you and you can arrange the donation within the app.

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